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30 animals with their babies – cuteness overload for the day.

What could be more adorable than animals? Young, baby animals! This is a collection of pictures of adult creatures and their mini-mes, guaranteed to turn your heart all warm and gooey. While some look like a completely different species when they’re young, some are an exact smaller replicas of their parents. Source: Viralnova

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21 funny sleeping cats from the Internet

It’s pretty amazing how cats can sleep just about anywhere and make them look like the most comfortable beds ever. Well, there’re not many things as funny as pictures of cats sleeping weirdly in strange places and this is a collection of exactly that. 1. ¬†What’s the easiest way to get warm? Wrap yourself around […]

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You won’t believe what you can do with 4 fully grown cows.

If you had decided to steal 4 full-grown, live cows, please don’t use a sedan as a getaway car. This is because the combined weight of 4 adult cows would eventually break the car down. And then, you would have no choice but to abandon your mooing loot on the road. This was the hard […]

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What not to feed your dogs – Learn the 14 deadliest foods

For many of us who have dogs, we love them like our own. So it’s no surprise that you might, at one point or another feed your dogs things that you enjoy…a nut now and then, or a raisin. It’s harmless, right? Think again. In fact, you may be feeding your dogs things that are […]

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