13 Unbelievably Simple Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Better

Life as a parent is fulfilling but can also be very chaotic. Wonder how can you make your life as a parent simpler without compromising on the needs of your children? Look no further than the parenting hacks below.

13 Unbelievably Simple Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Better

Most importantly, you can do most of these without spending additional money. Without further ado….

1. Hot glue the annoying hole in a bath toy. No more disgusting gunky mold brewing inside the toy!

Bath toy hacks

2. Sew a black button on each of two pieces of round felt fabrics then stick it onto a hair scrunchie. Then, loop around your camera lens to capture the best children’s pictures!

camera hack

3. Stick a popsicle through a cupcake liner and voila, mess free snacking.

cupcake liner hack

4. Put a few pieces of papers and some colouring pencils in an old DVD case and there you have it, a cheap art kit 🙂

dvd hack

5. Bulk make and freeze peanut butter and jam sandwiches (or other flavours) in individual freezer bags and just let one out in the fridge to thaw overnight before school day. You’ll never have to wake up early to pack for school meals ever again.

Freeze sandwiches

6. Draw a simple table on your kids’ medicine bottle to keep track on how many times you’ve fed them. Never missed a dosage anymore!

medicine hack

7. Have a dedicated bottle of “monster repellent” to scare away “monsters”. Well, the kids don’t have to know it’s just plain tap water 😉

monster hack

8. Potty training? Tired of cleaning up after your toddler? Use one of your thin sanitary pads, which makes for a seamless transition from diaper to no-diaper!

pad hack

9. Still on the topic of potty training…put a target inside your toilet bowl so that your kid could learn to aim. You could even put a ping pong as target practice.

pee hack

10. Instead of your walls, give a kid a large cardboard box for his or her creative outlet! No more mess, no more expensive clean-up!

picasso box

11. Forget all the fussy and expensive baby proofing locks. All you need is a long ruler or a stick to keep all your drawers locked 😉

ruler hack

12. Want your kids to snack on ice cream but find it difficult to get healthy alternatives? Make your own by putting sticks into fruit yogurt pots, then freezing them. You could also mix plain yogurt with your own fruit purees and freeze them in popsicle molds.

yogurt pop

yogurt pop2

13. Ain’t nobody got time to wash hair. Fear not, baby talcum powder to the rescue! It is actually a great alternative to dry shampoo. Just shake some onto one section of your hair and gently comb your hair through with your fingers. Repeat with the rest of your hair.




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