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10 most unique wedding venues in Malaysia

Have you grown tired of seeking the perfect venue for your wedding?  Don’t give up just yet. There are a lot of wonderful locations perfect for wedding receptions in Malaysia, really! We took care in making sure that the locations listed here are non-hotels, non-beaches and non-restaurants. Most importantly, they are all very photogenic places – […]

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cosmetics perfume skincare 4 online shopping websites all women must know

4 online shopping sites all women MUST know

If you are an online shopping fiend, you can stop reading now. As a respectable and experienced online shopper, there is no way that you have no idea who are these. However, if you are one of those who have never really warmed up to shopping online, fear no more. What you are about to […]

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paper lanterns 11 romantic and whimsical wedding decorations you can buy online for really cheap

11 wedding decorations you can buy online for really cheap

Weddings are getting really expensive these days. Couples are so engrossed with planning and financing their dream weddings, not realising that they’re setting their marriages on a slippery slope to Dunzoland. Planning weddings on a budget doesn’t mean you have to forgo nice, whimsical wedding decorations. Armed with a Pinterest board and them folks from […]

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