Surreal hyperrealistic body painting by Hikaru Cho

Body paint artist Hikaru Cho creates deceivingly realistic artworks on human skin instead of canvas that will certainly make you stop for a second look.

An extremely creative individual, Hikaru Cho painted zippers, buttons, switches and even extra body parts like eyes or lips that look so realistic they will evoke emotions whether horror or fascination.

hyperrealistic-body-painting-by-hikaru-cho 1

Perfect costume for Halloween.

hyperrealistic-body-painting-by-hikaru-cho 2

I have a hole on my belly.

hyperrealistic-body-painting-by-hikaru-cho 3

Who needs breast augmentation surgery when you can paint them puppies on?

hyperrealistic-body-painting-by-hikaru-cho 4

This is the back of someone’s head!

hyperrealistic-body-painting-by-hikaru-cho 5


hyperrealistic-body-painting-by-hikaru-cho 6

This looks so painful!

hyperrealistic-body-painting-by-hikaru-cho 7



Zip it up!

To check out more of Hikaru’s work, check out her website at



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