15 things you must absolutely teach your child from young

Truth is, this list is not so much a list of things kids need to learn than it is a list of things that adults should have.

Young children take after whatever the adults around them do, so we should be very conscious about what we do and say in front of them.

These are basic things that you should teach your child from young before it’s too late.

1. Eat with your mouth closed.

Nobody likes to see what you’re chewing, so make sure your kid chews with his or her mouth closed. Besides, it reduces the unappetising sound that comes from chewing.

2. When playing electronic games, mute the device volume or use earphones.

It is really rude to play games with the volume audible as it’s disruptive and irritating. If your child absolutely needs to listen to the sound, get him or her a pair of earphones.

3. Say “please” when asking for something.

This is such an important habit to learn. Some parents think that their children are cute when they launch into a mild tantrum demanding for things, but bad habit such as this should be nipped in the bud as early as possible. They shouldn’t be indulged unless it’s requested with a “please”.

15 things you must absolutely teach your child from young 3

4. Hold the door open for others.

Many think that this is for the boys, but girls should be taught to hold the doors too. Opening a door and allowing it to slam into the person behind you is not just rude but bordering cruel.

5. Take over from someone who’s holding the door.

This is as important as holding the door. It is just good manners to take over for someone if there are still people walking behind you.

6. Be quiet in the cinema.

People are in the cinema to watch a show, not to listen to your children having an indiscernible monologue, no matter how cute you think it is.

7. Say “thank you” after receiving something.

This goes without saying, and yet there are kids who run off just as they receive a gift or something. Big no!

15 things you must absolutely teach your child from young 2

8. Do not interrupt adults who are talking.

Children must be taught that they should never interrupt adults who are having a conversation.

9. Say “excuse me” when he or she absolutely needs to interrupt.

But in case of emergencies, they should say “excuse me” clearly before interrupting.

15 things you must absolutely teach your child from young

10. Only speak positively.

As the adage goes, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say it all. There are adults who grow up making negative comments or remarks thanks to their parents who never taught them not to.

11. Do not make comments about people’s physical appearance. Unless it is a compliment.

“You have nice hair” instead of “You have curly hair”. “You smell nice” instead of “You are smelly”. You catch my drift…

12. Knock on doors before entering a room.

Make sure people in the room know you’re about to enter the room otherwise it’s no different from rudely barging in.

13. Do not call other mean names.

It may seem funny to your child to call someone by a mean name but they must understand that it’s hurtful to the other person. Ask them if they liked if should someone call them by a mean name too.

14. Cover mouth when sneezing or yawning. And then say “excuse me”.

Your child should absolutely learn to cover his or her mouth when sneezing or yawning. Remember that you’re doing them a favour because when they’ve grown up, it’s no longer a cute thing to see.

15. Do not stare.

Let your child knows that staring is rude and makes other people uncomfortable.



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