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The most awesome tiny 221 square foot house.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison were tired of living with a mortgage and  tons of bills looming above their heads. So, they decided to stop being hostages to debts and living a more satisfying life by – constructing a new house, called hOMe, a 221-square-foot tiny house on wheels (with an additional 128-square-feet of loft space). The 28 […]

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How to be a decent human being in times of tragedy

The world is stunned by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. It’s been almost a week since MH370, carrying 239 people of different nationalities vanished into thin air with no warning. But we’re not here to talk about its mysterious disappearance. Neither are we here to suggest why it might have vanished into thin […]

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15 things you must absolutely teach your child from young

Truth is, this list is not so much a list of things kids need to learn than it is a list of things that adults should have. Young children take after whatever the adults around them do, so we should be very conscious about what we do and say in front of them. These are […]

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30 realistic things you should own at 30

This is real life, so instead of telling you that you should own a  french press (apparently it’s for making coffee, not for doing weird things to French people), we give you a list of things every actual 30 year old should own. 1. Your own place. Whether a place you own or rent, please, […]

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How to master happiness and keep it

It’s so difficult to explain happiness. These days, many people equate happiness with material gain – what an incredibly bleak prospect! How are you supposed to feel in-between shopping trips? Happiness, it can be instant but doesn’t have to be so short-lived. All you need to do to generate, master and retain happiness is to […]

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Smashed Phone

Bad luck on first day of new year? Here’s why you should not worry.

So it’s 2014 – Happy New Year! If you were me, you might have had some bad luck on New Year’s Day. Well, the first thing I managed on the morning of new year’s day was to drop my phone on a concrete floor. This is how my phone looks like now. What a disappointment! […]

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