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23 Reasons Why Women Live Longer than Men

Forget the dietary habits or geographical factors. Forget the psychological influences or genetics. We have 23 solid reasons as to why women live longer than men. At this rate, we’re quite shocked that men still outnumber women globally, however judging by these 23 reasons, we don’t think this is going to last. 1. Driving out […]

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6 Most Under Rated Noodle Dishes in Malaysia

It’s no secret that Malaysia is a food haven. Among many wonderful dishes, there is the ubiquitous noodle. Charkueyteow, hokkien mee, mee mamak, laksa and many more; you have probably tasted and loved them. Alas, there are also many noodle dishes that have not received the notoriety that they deserve. It’s very likely because these […]

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Men strap GoPro to a shoebox and sent it into space.

What do you get when you strap two GoPros to a shoebox and tie it to a balloon? As these two friends have demonstrated, you will get breathtakingly beautiful pictures of the earth and space meeting.   The project began at 7.30am in Porterville, California. The surprisingly low tech setup was supposed to float to an altitude between […]

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The Epic Creation of a Minecraft Bedroom

Minecraft is a very popular console/computer game that allow players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D generated world. A dedicated mother has given her son the best gift a Minecraft fan could ever wish for – his very own Minecraft bedroom! First, there was a lot of masking and taping in […]

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6 Luxury Dream Retreats In Bali That You Should Check Out

Oh don’t we wish we have all the money in the world for all the goodies in the world? Well, dreams may remain dreams but that won’t stop us from fantasizing. If you got the dough, here are some places in Bali, Indonesia that will surely rock your socks. 1. Viceroy Bali The Viceroy Bali is well […]

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Kidnapping women while dressed as trees?

Once a year, men in a village dress called Ettingen in Switzerland would up as trees and lay in waiting for their preys – fellow female villagers. To do what? They grab the women! What do they do with the women? Thankfully not to rape or assault them. But rather just to throw them into the […]

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