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6 Most Under Rated Noodle Dishes in Malaysia

It’s no secret that Malaysia is a food haven. Among many wonderful dishes, there is the ubiquitous noodle. Charkueyteow, hokkien mee, mee mamak, laksa and many more; you have probably tasted and loved them. Alas, there are also many noodle dishes that have not received the notoriety that they deserve. It’s very likely because these […]

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Famous Michelangelo’s painting recreated using half a billion cake sprinkles

Modelled after The Creation of Adam, the mural masterpiece by Italian artist Michelangelo, award winning food artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art created The Baking of Adam using half a billion sprinkles, 10000 marshmallows and other cake decorations. It is an astounding feat of passion, creativity and patience – taking 168 hours to complete […]

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Watermelon cheese salad 7 impressive quick salad recipes for any occasion

7 impressive quick salad recipes for any occasion

You probably have been in that scenario. You’ve made the roast, the potatoes and the soup. You’ve got all the appetisers ready, those fancy pop-in-the mouth types as well as dips. But something is just missing. But time is running out… Complete your lovely spread by adding a big bowl of colourful, delicious salad. Why […]

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Hand mixer

12 MUST have kitchen tools

If you’re aged between 25-35, you would understand the excitement of owning your very own kitchen. Fancy kitchen gadgets are released into the market everyday and while the glossy advertisements may convince you that it’s the only thing you will ever need for the purpose of making food, do not succumb. Here, we are giving […]

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