Man won Powerball jackpot. Decides to give money away on Twitter!

As this post is being published, a retweeting frenzy is about to erupt on Twitter. At time of writing, this tweet by @TACTIIC has been retweeted over 6000 times.

Reason? He has won the Powerball (that’s over 50 million dollars!) and he is giving away USD1000 to every person who retweets his epic announcement:

Nothing much is known about Raw TACTIIC. This is what we know, his real name is possibly Justin Austen, he has a Youtube channel which showcases a lot of videos on computer gaming and there’s the Twitter account, of course.

So far, a few people have tweeted screenshots of their Paypal account, with the money that Austen has sent them.





A few of us here have retweeted, and we’re waiting with bated breath for Sunday! Will we benefit from this epic generosity and get a share of @TACTIIC’s Powerball win? Or will this turn out to be an elaborate Twitter hoax?

To get a shot at getting USD1000, follow @TACTIIC and RT this status update

If you would like to check out what’s happening, the trending hashtag is #rawtactiicgives

Good luck, folks!


Well, of course nothing’s free in this world as @TACTIIC has just confirmed on his twitter account that it’s indeed a hoax.


He seems mighty pleased with himself too, almost breaking his phone from the torrent of notifications apparently.


So what did this social experiment prove?

That there are people who would waste 3 seconds of their life retweeting once for a shot at scoring 1000 bucks and that there are people who would waste an entire day observing 13.5k people waste 3 seconds of their respective lives (at the risk of breaking their phones, no less).

So, who’s the real fool?



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